Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
Assoc Prof DrAdiDiabUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterUnited StatesOthersQuantum Physics and Quantum TechnologiesBest Researcher Award
ProfChristianKENFACK SADEMUniversity of DschangCameroonQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsPhysical Oceanography and ApplicationsBest Researcher Award
ProfShun-CaiZhaoKunming University of Science and TechnologyChinaQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsQuantum condensed matter phenomenonOutstanding Scientist Award
Prof DrBarbaraPanunziUniversità "Federico II" di NapoliItalyQuantum optics and quantum lightbiological fluorescence markerTop Researcher Award
Prof DrAdrianoDi GiacomoPisa University and I N F NItalyQuantum foundations and quantum theoryQuantum ChromodynamicsBest Researcher Award
DrZahraMakhdoumi KakhakiSalerno UniversityItalyQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsthin films, nano synthesis, photodetectorsWomen Researcher Award
DrNaserAhmadiniazHelmholtz Zentrum Dresden RossendorfGermanyQuantum optics and quantum lightQEDBest Researcher Award
DrNoreddineAGHOUTANEDepartment of Physics, University of Tarapac√°, Arica; CHILEMoroccoQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsCore/Shell Quantum DotsBest Researcher Award
MrKPERABIO WAHABOUICPMA Chair-UNESCO/UACBeninOthersQuantum Field Theory (renormalisation Group); Complex models in stochastic physics; Stochastic dynamical system.Best Researcher Award
MrezzayanikhaireddinefsmSaudi ArabiaOthersPorphyrins / application of porphyrins in the field of water treatment / chemistryExcellence in Research
Assoc Prof DrMaryamAbbasi TarighatPersian Gulf UniversityIranQuantum sensors and metrologyQuantum Physics and Quantum TechnologiesBest Researcher Award
ProfMohamedEl HafidiHassan IIUniversity of CasablancaMoroccoQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsquantum magnetism and nano magnetismBest Scholar Award
Assist Prof DrHajiMuhammadFederal Urdu University of Arts, Science and TechnologyPakistanOthersPhyscial ChemistryBest Researcher Award
DrJawherRayhaniFaculty of Sciences of BizerteTunisiaQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsOptics of quantum dots materialsExcellence in Research
Assoc Prof DrSolomiiaFedushkoLviv Polytechnic National UniversityUkraineQuantum information and quantum computingQuanrum webBest Researcher Award
DrLeonidFedorenkoV. Lashkaryov Instituteb of Semiconductor Physics NAS of UkraineUkraineQuantum materials and condensed matter systemsLaser-assisted nanotechnologyExcellence in Research
MsShailyNetaji Subhas University of Technology, New DelhiIndiaOthersQuantum Physics and Quantum TechnologiesBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrLidaMomeniPayame Noor UniversityIranQuantum thermodynamics and quantum energythermodynamics of ProteinsBest Researcher Award
DrNimaJafari NavimipourKadir has universityTurkeyQuantum devices and quantum hardwareQuantum dot cellular atomataBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrMd. FerdousRahmanBegum Rokeya University, RangpurBangladeshQuantum information and quantum computingElectrical and Electronic EngineeringBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


Mr.Langzhou Tang, South west Jiaotong University, China, Best Paper Award.

The International Research Awards on Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies is an annual event that celebrates the groundbreaking research and achievements in the fields of quantum physics and quantum technologies. ...This prestigious event brings together researchers, scientists, scholars, and experts from all over the world to recognize and honor the most innovative and influential works in these field.

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